I’m sorry little boy poem.


I was walking around in my neighborhood and I saw a little boy screaming because his fathers refused to hold him , he was only 3. His father, believing he was making him into a man never stopped to think of the damaging life long affects this one incident would have on his son. The constant assumptions of “I’m not good enough for my father to even hold.”, the father not even explainig to his son his actions. How is a child suppose to know the thoughts of a grown man? All his son knows is “Dada loves me” or “He doesn’t love me”. In that instant while the father felt his harah of giving his son a mans lessons….I saw a broken boy who may never ever truly understand his worth in his father because his father never held him to show his love. Touch is so important to a child at a young age, do not neglect your young ones. Don’t assume what is good for your child, research, learn, see the test results, and make a wise and accurate decision. To the young boy… I’m sorry. 

To make him into a man, to become so bold, but I wonder daddy dear, did you have to become so cold? 

Strong with might you fight, but don’t you think your reighn is a little too tight? 

If you don’t hold him when he cries, how will he come to you when he needs something to confide.

He is young now but habits are built from the moment we make our first sound.

And you stand there looking down, as he’s extending his hand, but can you imagine what he will be to you as a man? 

As cold and as wretched as your refusal to touch, it looks like you’ve just began placing yourself in a rut.

When you look back will you admit to your mistakes? That all it was, was a small touch, the need to be embraced.

But you forsake him now, and he will forsake you too.

For unless Christ comes into the mix , it will be unlikely to undue.

Because unless flesh(sin) dies in this mix, he will deal with you unkindly.

But there is hope in the Lord, so don’t allow your spirit to get too poor. 

If you believe this then daddy fall on your knees,that your son will forgive your stubborn heart filled with your own father’s debree.