Daring Christian


Why is a person who takes risks always referred to as a dare devil? I don’t understand, what about the martyrs for Christ? I would think, that their lives were just as risky, as the ones who stunt men who jump off cliffs.

Why don’t we say dare Christ? Isn’t a person risking his life for his friend, dying on the Cross, taking on the place of shame, more of a risk than anything else in the world? 

The Christian life was never meant to be seen as mundane. But with this culture, of Christianity America has breathe, how can it not be considered everything but? 

Do you know who Jesus was world? 

Jesus went against the Pharisee’s, he was a Jew who went against all the authority figures to speak the truth. Jesus spoke regardless of treats and harassment, he was followed by millions, knowing that everything he doing would lead him closer to a painful death. He died anyways.

That’s who I follow and choose to resemble. Who do you? 

A Holy Spirit lead life, is not a safe one. So if you are trying to play it safe, you must be following the wrong God. 

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