Horrible world, beautiful people.


Do you all know the saying, the truth will set you free?

Well, this truth will set you free. The truth that this world is a horrible place to live, but in spite the difficulties that come with living in such a wretched world, is so much victory.

Accepting this truth, doesn’t mean that you are losing the battle, it means that you now have given yourself the power to stand on something. Understanding this truth, will help to understand what weapons are needed to withstand the battles within this life. Who would properly gear up for a battle, they didn’t even realize was going on? Then they would die.

I am continually see a man in my head, smiling , understanding the truth that he has cancer, and is going to die. But instead of living in denial, running away from his so certain death, he accepts, allowing every day to be as beautiful as the last, understanding the true meaning of living your life to the fullest.

Accepting the truths in life can only give you the strength to fight life. So let’s fight life victoriously. When that man dies, he will die a death of victoriously living life to the end. How will you live yours?

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