Clutter Heart.


The imagery above is a depiction of what was once my heart. But instead of physical assortments, my heart was filled with pasting longings, hopes, dreams, regret’s.  The longings of my youth, relationships, people, always came back to me throughout my days. I found myself trapped by this past, by these loves, by these lost connections, the baggage so great, and carried for so long, I had lost the sense of weight. I believe one of the greatest burdens are the burdens we forget that we are carrying.

The deathliest burdens are the ones that are unknown. Truly, I speak so much of releasing, yet I recognize certain aspects, in which humans cannot release on their own. We need God’s help. Many things man cannot do alone.

What are these certain releases you ask? Well they could be something as simple as the forbidden secret that was revealed by your parents in front of adorable-drunken aunts, or the last lip embrace from the boy who stole your breath away, the lingering kiss. Certain memories carry more than just the imagery; there are emotions that still may need to be tended to. With every person it differs, but those reoccurring thoughts require releasing that at times, only God can bring freedom in. Do you know the depth of betrayal, regret, sorrow, that still linger in the midst of your unconscious memories?

Healing prayers are involved in this process. What people don’t realize is that, it’s the open wound that continues to pulse in your mind. Let us pray to ask the Lord to close the wound!

Prayer: Lord, I release this memory to you. ____( tell him your memory)___, and during this situation, these emotions arose_____________, and I realize that I still have issues with them. I need you to bring healing Lord to my past, I understand it may not be immediate, but I trust that you will not stop until the healing is accomplished. God, I want you to know that I don’t understand how this has affected me, Lord please undo the unconscious pain I have endured. I receive your healing, and freedom. In the name of Jesus I pray amen.

Always remember beloveds that this verse: Matthew 9:29“He replied, “ This kind can come out only by prayer.”” ,is not only directed towards praying against the possessed, but in all things. Certain things in our lives require praying, give it to the Lord!  

Lets heal with the Lord!

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