Please God, not the dessert.


God will take you to the most unlikeliest places, go any ways.

It will be treacherous at times, endure it. 

You may wonder why your God will want you to suffer, trust him.

Sometimes you may feel like you are alone, he has never left you.

If you are there now, and want to give up, stand. 

Matthew 4:1-2.”1Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil. 2After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry.

If you notice here, there was no questions asked, Jesus obeyed the Father Period. He trusted the Father with his life, he devoted his entire existence on this earth to him. So, if we are to emulate Jesus, walking in his foot-steps, should we not also obey him into the dessert. 

The dessert in this verse represented a test, trial, it was for him to endure Satan, preparation period for his ministry to come, that forever transformed the world in three years. 

We can’t fathom the ways of the Lord, but we just need to trust the Lord in faith , and just go. Elijah was fed by sparrows, go read about him, and why God had done that to him. Most Christians, hear the voice of God, and question whether it is God.  Abraham could have questioned whether God wanted him to leave the land of his people for something greater. Moshes could have questioned whether or not the staff was really filled with God’s power. Abraham could have questioned why he had to sacrifice his child. Or you may wonder why God is having you leave the love of your life, regardless, God is soverign, and we are called to obey, not to slander him by going in the other direction. 

Let me make another point here, questioning the Lord, asking him why, is not always doubt. So for those who live in fear in even speaking to the Lord, just trust that he see’s your heart, and if need be ask God, he may just not answer you until he chooses.

Sometimes we aren’t ready to hear the answer yet, but trust that he will send it to you when you are? 

Whats the dessert he’s calling you into, are you willing to go?

It’s worth it, trust.

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