Unnecessary hats

Realize my fellow siblings that we are called to emulate Jesus, but that He was GOD in the FLESH.

So many people try to wear too many hats within the church. But there is thing called the body of Christ for a reason. Where does God command us to be like him in all aspects, that is absolutely impossible, we aim to be like Jesus, acknowledging that we will never be God. He specifically tells us there are certain body parts that do different functions. I’m very grateful that my past tone deaf Pastors did not try to lead worship. I guess it’s easier for someone with an established position to hold to their ordained position. Just because you haven’t been given a precise job within the church, doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have a specific plan for you within the church.

You don’t have to serve at EVERY volunteer opportunity, or you don’t have to minister to EVERY person who is asking for your help. Even Pastors do not serve in different churches; they tend to not go out of their flock, because the responsibility from God, is the flock within their church.

So you have to ask, what are the responsibilities that God has given you within you r life?

Do you know exactly what you are called to do? Our God is a God of order, why wouldn’t God tell us exactly what it is he wants us to be in charge of?

There is a difference from emulating Jesus, verse doing everything.  There are so many stories of burn out. But have you ever thought about the fact that if God who is gives us the fire to continue his mission, sends you somewhere how can you burn out? Are you burning out because you’re not where God has called you to be? Are you really being fueled by God, or your need to please those you are serving. If you live to only please the Lord, then you will only do what the Lord has called you to do.

God would prefer obedience over sacrifice. Where is this scripture verse, did you  know this one? Did you know it was a verse?

Instead of doing things for God, let’s do things with God.

It’s called a relationship for a reason. We partner with God in all things, not just specified, take off the unnecessary hats, you’re not being affective.

Flesh is not affective, fire is.

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