Creative journey


I guess I am in an extremely creative journey. Oh beautiful creativity. Everything was made to glorify the Father, I see that, I acknowledge that.

Oh Lord, I dedicate every art piece to you, everything I do, will be in dedication to you.  

Everyone has something that sets their hearts afire. Everyone has their own way of expressing their love. Just because someone else’s is different, don’t hate.

Some people like to express their love for the Lord through diving through scripture for hours. Finding out things given by the spirit that others would take years to find out, teach me. Then there are those who love to dance for hours upon end, with the Lord leading every ounce of their movement, show me. There both expressions of love to the Father, don’t hate. I need to be blessed by both. So forget what people say, and be who you are beloved. People may not recognize your art form for the Lord, but know that HE does, and in the end, that’s the only opinion that matters.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Who are we to say God prefers one art form over the other? We are different body parts for a reason. Of course, my life style is going to be different than yours silly!?

So, to the legalistic ridiculous folks , don’t hate.