Past mistakes


If I could would I redo the decisions in my life?


Stop regretting your past.

Know that God will use all of your past flaws to glorify his name. Don’t give victory to Satan by regretting, and start opening your mind to how the Lord can use your mistakes for his good.

If you continue to find yourself dwelling, regretting, then release it to the Father in prayer. Know, that he overcame the grave, he can overcome that reoccurring memory.

Nothing will chain you forever. For we know that “where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom”.  The Spirit resides within us, we are destined to live freely, and if you are not, then give it up to the Lord. Clearly, you are being shackled for something that God has freed us from.

Jesus didn’t die in vain.

Lift it up.

If you don’t know where that verse is located, or the other verses I have quoted, then look it up. Remember your Sword, hold it close, for we are in battle.

Where did I get the sword verse from?

Do you know your sword?

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