Be a Boo!


If you haven’t seen the movie Monsters Inc, here is the Storyline from Imdb.

Now that that’s  covered…

At first glance, you would assume Sulley was a bully. 

But in this movie, you never see Boo allowing herself to get fooled by the mask this character played. To Boo, he would forever be “Kitty”. She saw the inner softy, the inner beauty of this monster, and she allowed herself to be adored by this, not monster, but friend. This friend, had one of the most kindest hearts in the story. 

Sometimes, I meet people in the streets of L.A. with their masks, and God will reveal to me their true identity; the inner beauty that is hidden behind the fleshly identity, that the world has created for them. God, is able to reveal this to me, because only the creator knows who his creation is. 

This isn’t a question on whether a person is real or not. There are plenty of people I meet that aren’t Christian, that are extremely real. But being real, does not mean that they are who they were created to be.

I meet so many beautiful people, that never live by their true reflection, because it is only Christ who can take us there. Most people I have met, including myself for a time, will go soul searching without the Father. The truest act in finding the self, is in digging with Father.

The Lord is the creator who can reveal the unknown selves, that was hidden behind the false sense of self. 

Who are you?

Do you really know?

Can you really answer this question?

Revelation can come upon those who ask God to reveal their true selves, all it takes is a question. This is a question I have come to ask the Lord often, and I have grown a greater inner peace that I never knew I could have! 

It’s okay to ask: 

Who am I ?

Why am I?

Why did you make me the way I was?

Why am I so different? 

God isn’t offending in answering these question, he just waits for us to ask. For some, the questions may go unanswered for years until the appropriate time. But the point is, that you asked, God heard you, and that He will answer. 

So, go soul searching with the Lord.


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