Royalty in chains.

We are royalty in chains. 

Never forget who you are.

My question: How can you forget who you are, when you have never acquired the knowledge of it?  

To require this knowledge, you have to be in such a painful position, so near death, that we are majority spirit, and minority flesh. Jesus Christ, the king of the Jews, took his rightful place as our King in Heaven after his resurrection. If there is no death, how can there be a resurrection. If you have done neither, then how can you fully grasp that you are an heir of the Kingdom of Heaven?

Many who refuse to die, baptized, walk around with the title of “Christian”. That title rightfully belongs to those who are no longer, so far gone, all that remains is Christ. Internal laughter erupts when I watch a Pastor preach with mans authority, and fleshly position. In that moment, I see teaching, but no true preaching is done, because preachers of the Word, come with POWER.

Numerous people in authority, within the four wall’s, have not yet reached the prize, which is the authority that heaven gives to those who are dead. Those brethren in chains had received that authority, the very words they had written in the bible bleed with the blood of LIFE. It was Christ, through the Holy Spirit, who wrote those words. Yet when many people preach, speak, teach, evangelize, there is no fog of blood in their mist, because they go on their own power.

There is an authority that comes with being a “Christian”, that comes with the death that we all must die to. When I was baptized, I realize now that I was never agreeing to a “ Christian” title, but the agreement to die. When I was baptized, I told all of heaven that day that I would die, to receive the greater prize, the authority in which it takes to bring the heaven down on earth, to become his disciple.

I die, so I may receive the prize.

I die, so I may be welcomed into the kingdom of heaven.

I die, so that when I write, when I speak, when I am in the presence of many, Christ would bleed through me.

I died, so that Christ would live through me, and I would no longer exist. 

Will you die with me?

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