Once there was a man drowning in pond. A hippo came up to him, he asked if he needed some help, the man declined saying, “God will save me.” This occurred 2 more times, in which the man continue to reply, “God will save me.” Then he died, and in heaven when he asked God, ” Why didn’t you save me?”. God replied, “I sent you 3 hippos, and you declined!!!”

There are many different variations of this short saying which I am sure you have all heard, if not, there is your variation of this story.

You will all feel like your drowning at one point in your life, and will come to save you in the most oddest of ways. Whether it will be by a hippo, him riding on a donkey, spitting on a mud, circling around walls, but he will come. Don’t overlook the unconventional ways in which God works, because our God is NOT a conventional God.

Drowning in your problems? Drowning in your emotions? Drowning in the grind of life?

Ask God to un-blind your eyes to help you see the provision that he has surrounded you with.

Perhaps there is a “hippo” that you are overlooking?

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