Risk it Sulley!


Matthew 13:44. ““The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.”

Sulley saw the treasure that was Boo. The innocence of a beautiful child, that was worth protecting. He risked everything to protect her, and bring her safely back to her room. 

Despite all odds, though it was a foolish child’s mistake, following the big blue monster in the closet, she changed the entire Monstropolis as they know it. Awareness of human’s prevailed, and they changed their tactic’s in collecting children’s screams to collecting laughter. Now, this is a big deal for children all around the world! 

Of course I don’t believe in monsters coming out of closets! But I am all for God using weak foolish children to lead the strong, I mean He does it every day!

Boo never intended on changing the culture, but what she did was change hearts one by one. Culture is affected by people, and if enough people are affected, a culture is changed. What children of God need to recognize is that God will create the change within the culture, as we stay who we are as His children, and move the heart, to eventually change the culture!

God will reveal the truth in all circumstances to his children, and just as Boo held so strongly to a good hearted “ Kitty”, who was Sulley the big blue monster, the truth will eventually prevail. It’s through the simple act of belief, and holding to that belief that changed Sulley, into believing who he could be. We as children of God believe entirely in what God calls us to believe in, in who He calls us to believe in, and how he calls us to do it. The methods may be as crazy as going into a monster closet, but go anyways.  

If we are the children of God, then we all have this effect that Boo has. Boo’s affect to change and transform culture. She was able to look past the facade of Sulley displayed, and see exactly who he truly was, “ Kitty”, a soft hearted monster, who had the strength to do the right thing. Through simply believing, she changed his life, his perspective, his belief, everything he thought he knew was transformed.

This is who we are, we are “Boo’s”, we are the children of God; which God sneaks into different places, in order to create a catastrophic change. As you can see from the movie, there were so many twists and turns, there wasn’t an immediate transformation, there was much reluctance, at times danger, and calculated decisions involved.

 Boo never tried to change “Kitty”, she never tried to change the culture, she didn’t have to, she was just being herself, and that was all she needed to be. Be who you are, God’s children, through your small faithfulness, watch Him transform a culture.